Examples of Work & Testimonials

  • I have been working in Performance Sport for many years, both in a self-employed and employed capacity across the UK, Europe and the Caribbean. The highest profile tournaments I have been to have been the two World Cups (2010 and 2020). Athletes and Teams I have worked with have also been competing at or involved in: World Championships, Caribbean Championships, European Championships, World-Class Program Athletes, Professional Sport (Football/Soccer, Cricket, Netball), Government Funded Talent Schemes, University Talent Schemes, Private Talent Schemes and National Governing Body Programs. As well as seniors and talent pathways I have developed educational courses for coaches and courses for athletes from even as young as 8.


Clip from a Cricket West Indies Video during U19 World Cup preparations. Graeme West - Cricket West Indies U19 Head Coach & Program Manager

Cricket West Indies - U19 World Cup

Strength and Conditioning Coach for the 2020 World Cup in South Africa.

I was already acting as consultant Strength and Conditioning Coach to Cricket West Indies when the opportunity to provide assistance to the U19 arose in 2018. The task was to take young athletes aged around 16/17, most of which had never been involved in a high-performance set-up before to compete at the U19 ODI World Cup 2020 in South Africa. 

The players responded well to the demands placed on them. Fitness scores and game data showed improvements and a key outcome was that no player missed any time on the field due to a soft tissue injury... the best athlete ability is availability! The coach picked from a fully fit squad.

Jimmy Adams

Director of Cricket: Cricket West Indies

"I have known Martin personally and professionally for 10 years. Over the period he has proven himself to be an excellent manager with superb reporting skills. He takes full responsibility and accountability for projects and has never shied away from going the extra mile to ensure deadlines are met. Martin has demonstrated an excellent working knowledge of Strength and Conditioning, along with an ability to effectively manage people and lead on projects. Critically, he also possesses the ability to work across cultures. Martin is well placed to function across multiple areas including Coaching, Mentoring and Management" 

Kathleen Edwards

Head Coach: Greater Manchester County Netball Academies 2012

"I have seen the difference that working with Martin has made to athletes on this programme and also the progress of athletes who began working with him before moving-on in their National Superleague and National Young England careers based in other areas of the country.

Martin’s knowledge, understanding and professionalism as well as his attention to detail and careful and caring progressions puts the athlete first, so that the athlete is working to develop her own abilities at her own pace always being challenged to go further but not too far too soon. Martin knows that the value of ‘learning to train’ has to be all-important in the early stages of development if an athlete is to succeed long-term in her Netball career at the highest level. Martin knows that solid foundations are essential to long-term success. He knows that short cuts, quick fixes or missing training sessions are not the way to succeed and his long-term plans and progressions for each athlete show that." 

Note: Image is Kathleen receiving her well-deserved England Netball Honorary Life Members Award in 2019.

Professor Michael Gleeson

Emeritus Professor: Loughborough University

“I got to know Martin in 2020 when he started his series of SportBite webinar conferences and invited me to do a talk on strategies athletes can use to help them avoid infection (very relevant in the first year of COVID19!). The 10-minute presentation format (followed by Q&A with the audience) is a great format to explain important principles in sport science. I found Martin to be very knowledgeable, engaging and persuasive: by the end of the year he had me doing three more talks on personalised nutrition, maximising recovery in football and effective weight loss methods for athletes and nonathletes. Those attributes of having a wide-ranging knowledge of sport science, being an excellent and enthusiastic communicator and being able to convince people to do the right thing are some of the things that make him a great coach and someone whose input can make a great positive impact on the performance of a team or individual athletes from grassroots sport to the highest level" 

Marco Nunez

Former LA Lakers Athletic Trainer

"I had the privilege of meeting Martin through an online business social media platform. He reached out because he wanted to create an online education platform for Physiothetapist, athletic and strength coaches. Over the last several months, I have had the honor to be part of this panel. I enjoy the time and always look forward to participating as a presenter or attendee. As a true professional, Martin’s platforms allows for everyone to participate, learn and share knowledge and experiences. This gives others the opportunity to see how things function and operate in other areas. The MOST impressing thing about Martin and his platform, is that he is able to unite a variety of professionals from around the world into one location. This allows a young professional the opportunity to virtually meet, network and learn from professionals around the world. Something that was not in existence several years ago."

Chef Rachel Muse

Director of Performance Chefs at Discreet and Delicious

"Martin is an old head on young shoulders. Confident, motivated, excellent communicator, calm and very knowledgeable.

He has no problem asking for help in areas outside his skill set and is very generous at offering his skills and connections. Martin is technical, practical and also finds creative solutions to issues, a rare combination.

It is an absolute pleasure to work on any project with Martin. Time spent working with Martin is always mutually beneficial and fun"

Ronald Rogers

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Cricket West Indies Senior Team

"Martin and I have done many projects together. He is a highly-skilled Strength and Conditioning coach with a broad knowledge base. Martin always hands athletes over in a much better condition than when he receives them. I would have no problem recommending Martin to any elite sport organisation"

Adam Virgile

Sports Science Coordinator at University of Vermont

"Martin has a drive and passion for helping people learn and grow in the S&C industry. From putting together educational events to developing products for S&C coaches, Martin continues to philanthropically add value to the community. These endeavors illustrate Martin's knowledge, skill, innovation, and willingness to go out of his way to help others. Good people aren't always easy to find in this industry, and Martin is one of them"

Barry Bridges

Sleep & Recovery Specialist / Esports Performance Consultant (South Africa National Team)

"Martin Gallyer is a well-rounded Strength and Conditioning Coach and Expert Speaker. He is easy to work with, passionate about his craft and always delivers on time. I will definitely be working with Martin again in future."

Yogesh Dwivedi

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Sports Authority of Gujarat, India

"I have been working with Martin on some projects. He is always encouraging and supporting me at any level. He created Worldwide fantastic group for S&C coaches. He is a well-experienced S&C expert at International level who inspires me and other coaches to be better"

James Sinclair

Pro Footballer and Performance Nutritionist

"As a practitioner Martin has a vast background of valuable experience and expertise within the physical preparation of athletes. I recently collaborated with Martin for an event organized by himself in order to educate and deliver practical skills & knowledge to its target audience. During this time I was highly impressed with his level of enthusiasm & thirst for knowledge from the other practitioners. Fundamentally developing his own skill set in order to become a more effective practitioner for his clients"

Zena Weeks

Qualified Chef & Cooking Instructor to Performance Athletes, Students & Children

"I have had the privilege of working with Martin Gallyer on a number of projects. He’s expertise and knowledge in the field of Strength & Conditioning is out outstanding.

Martin also has a great ability to engineer and bring together & host great conferences. It is lovely to meet someone who genuinely loves Sport and has the great ability to engage with all he comes across"

Matthew Gardner

Freelance Nutritional Therapist Specialising in Sports Nutrition; Health Coach at Liva Healthcare

"Martin actively listens as a coach is one of his strong points. We have been working together for a year now and not once has he forced any coaching biases on me. He has an ingrained ability to take the 30,000-foot view and consider all options before putting a plan into place.

I really like when we do not quite understand each other he just gives me a call, coaches online do not seem to do that as often as they should in my experience."

Jamie Williams - Parent

"My son had the pleasure of working with Martin Gallyer when he ran an online 6 week, strength and conditioning program for young athletes age 8/9 + . My son is age 9 and is generally an all round sporty boy. He loved the sessions and really looked forward; each week, to working with Martin.

Martin was always very professional but also made it fun for the young ones which kept them very engaged. Martin had a very good eye on noticing if they were out of position and was always making sure they were doing the moves in the correct way by getting them to correct themselves where necessary. He did this by getting them to use the techniques he installed in them in the first couple of weeks.

I have noticed a difference in my sons physical strength on the football pitch, he is much stronger and is able to hold his positioning well when in possession of the ball.

We would thoroughly recommend anyone with young athletic children to give this a go, as my son really enjoyed it and is looking forward to doing another session with Martin.

Good luck and a huge Thank you"


Worked as S&C at 2 World Cups (2010 & 2020). Youth, Regional, Senior first class ODI and Test players. 

Cricket West Indies U19's (S&C Coach - World Cup 2020).
Cricket West Indies (Consultant S&C Coach inter alia Lead tester) since 2017.
Cricket Ireland (S&C Coach - World Cup 2010).
Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board (S&C Coach). World Club Cup Runners up 2009.
QPCC Caribbean Champions League Winners 2009 (S&C Coach).
ICC T20 World Cup 2010

Image: Cricket West Indies Training Camp Antigua

Image: West Indies first win against Australia in U19 Cricket World Cup history (from Cricket West Indies Facebook). 

Video: Full interview with Head Coach Graeme West including conditioning circuit

Image: Warming-up in South Africa from West Indies Cricket Facebook

Image: After topping World Cup group winning all games: vs. Australia, England and Nigeria. From West Indies Cricket Facebook page.

Video: From Windwards Volcanoes Facebook showing Kimani Melius athleticism. Kimani is a dedicated athlete and improved tremendously during his time with the U19's


S&C training groups with academy players from professional clubs (Premier league & Championship), players now playing professionally. Rotherham United Academy Sport Scientist and S&C.

Callum Doyle went on to be signed for Manchester City Football Club.
Rotherham United Football Club (Sport Scientist and S&C). 
Jack gets a scholarship in USA.

Video: Alex making his Professional debut (from Salford City FC)


Multiple National Champions and League Titles. National players. Superleague players. England players in all age categories with players graduated to Senior National Team.

Worked with Natalie from ages 14-16. It was evident she was a hard worker on top of her talent. The main job was to build groundwork of athleticism. https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/player/natalie-haythornthwaite/

Amy was 13 and already 6 foot 2 inches (188cm) when I first started working with her. Her determination got her through multiple setbacks and rejections with selectors unsure if she was able to handle the Elite level. Over time she developed strength and confidence in her body and won 3 National titles and got selected onto the England Netball pathway.

Starting 7 #proudmum #u17s pic.twitter.com/9OtsoSQaO3

— jess clinton (@ClintonJess) March 7, 2014

Congratulations to the winning squad! #netballeurope #united pic.twitter.com/9A60AxhMU7

— Katie Baldwin (@_KatieBalds) April 27, 2014

Wooooohoooooooooooo!!!!! Top 6 in the country!! Smashed it today! All girls on last game won 33-4! #Finals 💚💜👊🏻 pic.twitter.com/A9BCRAPEWX

— YWCA Bury NC (@YWCABuryNC) May 28, 2016


National Champions across many age groups working with Salle Kiss Fencing Club 2010-2016 (www.sallekiss.org.uk). Athletes in UK Sport World Class Program. Graduates to National fencers on the international circuit.

Some snaps from yesterday. Men's foil v Ukraine pic.twitter.com/YlwwxrvMB5

— Joanna Cook (Wray) (@WrayJoanna) April 12, 2014

Two images above are the same athlete 7 years apart. Picture 1: Daniel 2nd on the left U16 GB National Champion. Picture 2: Hungarian National Champion 

Athletics AKA Track and Field

National Champions in various age groups. Government funded pathway athletes.

@nickrimmer36 @HelenvaughanMrs @MartinGallyer waited so long for a T&F NoE Champion and suddenly two come along at once!

— Ruth Worthington (@Athleticsmum71) August 16, 2016

Fantastic performance from @BuryAC Harriet Vaughan National Silver Medalist #EAChamps in Sheffield @Athletics_First @HelenvaughanMrs 🥈 👏 pic.twitter.com/T8DC5uuSoE

— Bury Athletic Club (@BuryAC) February 25, 2018

Daisy Worthington takes H2 Jr Girls 800 in a time of 2.17 #nbeschamps pic.twitter.com/V8HVlwJ6Mj

— England Athletics (@EnglandAthletic) July 7, 2017

New PB for Harriet Vaughan today jumping 3.63m in Loughborough. #polevault #trackandfield #loughborough pic.twitter.com/7fv5phlZkZ

— PACE Manchester (@PACE_Manchester) February 2, 2019

Testing Athletes

As well as professional athletes I have also conducted testing days, testing analysis, assigned testing targets, and presented data for recreational and young athletes.

From Facebook from Cricket West Indies. Leading an S&C testing team that at many different locations around the Caribbean.

Players' fitness remains a focus of Cricket West Indies. Here are some of our athletes going through the paces. pic.twitter.com/Bz1NtKuvjS

— WINDIES Regional (@WindiesRegional) September 23, 2018

Multi-sport programs: University Scholarship Schemes, Talent Programs and Young Athlete Academy

University of Manchester (S&C Coach - Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme; S&C Coach Sport Scholarship Scheme).

Coventry University (Senior S&C Coach - Scholarship Program; Multi-sport program typically regional level and above).

University of Trinidad and Tobago (Senior Manager of Sport and Recreation; Scholarships typically national level athletes).

University of Bolton (Sports Science Technician; External Sport Science Support).

Young Athlete Academy

Upon returning from the ICC world cup tour 2010 I started a multi-sport talented young athlete program. The program started small with 6 athletes. In 2011 the project was awarded 'inspire mark' by the London 2012 team. The scheme grew progressively via word-of-mouth. In September 2016 when I left for a new role in Trinidad and Tobago the scheme was handed over to another coach along with a private training facility. By this time the scheme had 120-150 athletes per week. From 2021 I am back to progressing the scheme with the next generation of talent.

What started as a small project has seen representation at Regional and National level, inclusions in UK sport ‘World-Class’ program and Professional contracts awarded to our athletes in a number of sports including Football/Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Handball, Fencing, Track and Field, Rugby League, and Tennis.

"@philips_gym: Some pics from another good Young Athlete Academy session last night @philips_gym pic.twitter.com/sQgfZpT1of"

— Martin Gallyer (@MartinGallyer) January 31, 2015

Beyond basics young athletes can get very strong using bodyweight

It is not all seniors and talent pathways... the knack of getting people to achieve things they could not do before is infectious and rewarding for me as a coach. 

Coaching the basics can involve working with very young athletes. The before and after in both video examples below are 1 week apart and the athlete seen is 8 years old (Introduction to High-Performance Course - learning the basics). 

Something as simple as a squat

Skipping is great for coordination

"@philips_gym young athlete academy, Sunday mornings with S&C coach @MartinGallyer .Come join us #getaheadstart pic.twitter.com/uCBTfn9sSF"

— Martin Gallyer (@MartinGallyer) January 4, 2015

Workshops Events and Courses

Examples include: SportBite.live, T&T Boxing Association Course, T&T Tennis Association Course, UTT High-Performance S&C Course. Can be adapted to any requirements (Coach/Athlete/Theory/Practical/Live/Online).

Probably one of the best current sport science webinar conference series available, mostly in bite size pieces with the occasional longer keynote presentation. Wide ranging, informative, often problem-based and good forum to chat online live with speakers

— professormichaelgleeson (@profmikegleeson) December 3, 2020

Training Camps / Other

Basketball Camp

This is an inclusive type camp for all abilities. S&C was integrated to teach fundamental skills and keep players safe.

Camp 5

Camp 4

"@MartinGallyer: Great 4 day basketball camp @FloatNoGravity @markrangeley pic.twitter.com/zHc2nc0olF"

— Philips Gym (@philips_gym) February 19, 2015