Services Overview

Often athletes find themselves doing S&C based on intuition, amateur guidance, instruction from personal trainers with expertise with non-athletes, internet research or generally people who are not specifically experts in S&C for athletes. Lack of PROFESSIONAL guidance can lead to confusion, arguments about training methods, misdirected efforts, blind belief in ineffective methods, wasted time or injuries due to ineffective or even dangerous methods.

My role is to provide clarity, guidance, safety and effectiveness in your training to IMPROVE PERFORMANCE and REDUCE INJURY POTENTIAL. I do this in a number of ways via courses, programs, coaching, training groups, smartphone apps or entirely bespoke support (see below for: Delivery methods, Who I can helphow I can help). For examples of my past experience and results SEE WORK & TESTIMONIALS.

To start the process off all it takes is a call or a message. A call is free and at the very least you'll get some quality professional advice on training.

Who I can help

Professional Sport Teams

Make a step change in your clubs performance.

Consultancy contracts, one-off or Ongoing training.

Talented Young Athletes via Young Athlete Academy, 1-on-1 or private group.

The Young Athlete Academy is a place for talented athletes to work together.

Typically athletes are County standard and above with ambitions to progress.

Or contact about individual training or your own group. 

Those new to High-Performance: The Introduction to Elite Training Course

Learn the foundations of elite training. Exercise technique, basic capacity, many different physical skills needed to underpin high-performance training, and good training habits such as warm-up and recovery. 

Amateur Sport Team/Club Support

Support for anything from instilling basics well at grassroots level to those on the cusp of elite performance wanting to make a step up.

Individual Athletes or Your own small group

Get a program for yourself or your own small group. Address your own goals and needs. 

Education: Schools, Colleges, Universities

Progressing training from fundamentals in youngsters to older University athletes who may be competing at the Elite level. Programs vary with age from 8-18. 

Less experienced coaches via Mentoring

All coaches need a bit of help especially less experienced. Passing on my skills and managing staff development is a key role for me.

I get regular requests for experience and I cannot accommodate all. However, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help.

Corporate and Non-Athletes

Apply the principles of elite sport science training, skill mastery and recovery to getting more out of your working life. Directed toward enhancing and sustaining productivity performance, concentration, skill learning, creativity, 'keeping on the field on play' i.e. at work by leading a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, sleep and regeneration. 

What I do

For an elite program to work many cogs have to be in place and working together

  • Testing / Assessments
  • Monitoring
  • GPS
  • Diagnostics
  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Coaching
  • Checking up / Accountability
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration with fellow professionals such as Sports Coaches and the wider Sport Science/Medicine Team
  • Maximising adaptations in Sport Specific physical qualities
  • Improve Movement Skills (efficiency and safety)
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength 
  • Power
  • Reaction
  • Reflex
  • Conditioning/Endurance
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Recovery and Regeneration via many recovery methods and nutrition all also considered


High-performance support is about individualizing programs to fit a specific goal, situation or time-frame. The cost will vary based on time and the resources required to deliver the service to. Price guides are provided but expect 1-on-1 training done face-to-face multiple times per week to give the best results, but also expect that such service will cost the most also. Not all clients have a money no object approach so typically when I talk with potential clients the conversation will revolve around how to get the best results while balancing budgets. Use any of the methods below to talk to me.